What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

“I may have a few customers for you! Ashley is really liking it and has found that she’s been far less anxious. She’s been telling her friends who are interested too.” – Kieran H.

“I love this CBD Oil! I have hip and knee pain from many years of exercising. I had resorted to Lidocaine patches since I cannot take NSAIDs at all. Both my knee and hip are so much better since I have been using Lush Valley CBD. I can do my 10,000 steps a day again, without discomfort. I also have problems sleeping at night, and I have also noticed that I am sleeping more soundly since I started taking it. This CBD is now part of my daily routine.” – Cathi E.

“My cat Nori gets very anxious when I have guests with dogs over. I figured I’d give CBD a try and I was astonished at her relaxed demeanor afterwards! She usually runs and hides as soon as a dog enters the house but now she just stays in her favorite chair, chill as a cucumber! So proud of my little social butterfly!” – Taylore C.

“My 12 year old golden retriever has developed some hip problems. I started spraying the Pet Spray on his food and not only is he eating his food better, he can chase a ball again without limping later! I decided to try giving it to him before thunderstorms too, as they make him very nervous. He is so much more calm and relaxed when the thunder strikes, sometimes he even sleeps through it. I am so thankful for this wonderful product that has helped my dog feel like a pup again!” – Cathi E.

“I’ve tried a handful of CBD oils and never really noticed the benefits, but after trying Lush Valley I’m a CBD believer again! I take it in the evenings for anxiety and don’t toss and turn at night anymore.”- Taylore C.

“Gotta tell you, your doctor friend was spot on. Sprayed the CBD spray on my dog’s pet food this morning for the first time. Usually she ignores her food until she’s super hungry, and then will eat it, and when she does eat it, she would always take her food out of her bowl walk across the room put it on the floor in another room eat it and then come back and repeat. After I sprayed her food this morning, she ate entire bowl without even going to the other room! I’m definitely going to start spreading the word on the stuff!!”                                     

– Gerald B


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