Our Farming, Extraction and Production Process

Our hemp plants are thoughtfully and sustainably grown on a beautiful farm in Minnesota. The plants are nurtured from seed to plant,  nourished by organic meal and compost teas. They are watered by rainfall and all natural spring water that comes from an aquifer located right on the farm. We believe that the lush beauty of the farm is expressed in every one of our products, which is why we chose the name “Lush Valley”.    

Our grower and horticulturist, Aaron Peterson, discusses why a close working relationship with Parker and Harrison Smith from Cold State Scientific is so important to the quality of Lush Valley CBD. Having a trusted extractor close by, within the same community, allows the hemp to remain in the same state where it was grown.  Aaron also touches on the cannabinoid extraction process and how the CBD is formulated into our products. 

Parker Harrison of Cold State Scientific explains the Supercritical CO2 extraction process for our CBD, which is considered to be the gold standard. Unlike butane or ethanol, CO2 isn’t combustable and is considered safer.  The CO2 process non-harmfully withdraws the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, resulting in a better taste, flavor, and overall molecular structure.  Using this process, we are able to extract very close to 100 % of the material from the hemp plant.

In this phase of the extraction process, Parker Smith explains the process of separating the CBD from the more undesirable elements that were also extracted from the plant during the Supercritical CO2 extraction, due to the intense pressure. For example, fats, waxes, and lipids. We chose this extraction process to ensure the ability to offer you the highest quality, purest CBD Oil possible.

Dr. Thomas Kraemer and Aaron Peterson discuss the benefits of CBD as it aligns with the medical community. Topics of discussion include the endocannabinoid system, research that is being done regarding CBD, and how CBD may interact with other drugs.

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